Posted on Aug 22, 2019

AB Glass and Aluminium

Window Replacement Costs

Window replacement costs most residents R9 500 each with an average range of R4500 to R30 000.
To replace all the windows in a standard 3-bedroom house would run R45 000 to R250 000. Large homes with custom work can easily total R300 000. A small, single pane aluminum type might run as little as R2200 with labor while a large, custom, double-pane bay variety might hit R50 000 with upgraded options like a low-e coating. Labor alone runs R250 to R650 each.

There are many reasons to replace the windows on your house.A new set can give your house a subtle facelift.

Replacing a small one with a larger one allows in more light and a better view. Newer, energy-efficient types can save an average 15% on your energy bill. Whatever the reason for replacing them, it’s important to have a professional perform the work. It isn’t a DIY project..

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